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Energy ManagementISO 50001

ISO 50001: What & Why?

ISO 50001:2011 is a standard created by ISO for an energy management system. This standard’s purpose is to enable organisations …

adverse publicityCompliance Evaluation

Is There Real Value in ISO Standards?

From any multi-national company’s perspective, ISO standards offer a number of benefits, including: Breaking down international borders: through the widespread …

Compliance ManagementLegislative Compliance

The Importance of Legislative Compliance

Companies of all sizes and complexity question the need for the level of legislation imposed on them from Europe and …

adverse publicityCompliance Evaluation

Can the Threat of Adverse Publicity Motivate Companies to Achieve Legal Compliance?

In the current economic climate, public perception matters.  A damaged reputation and decrease in public trust can take years to …

Clause 3.5.2Compliance Evaluation

The challenges of multi-jurisdictional compliance evaluation

Companies who implement a number of management systems including ISO 14001, the environmental management system, ISO 50001, the energy management …