Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

No organisation is immune from business disruption, so it is critical for your organisation to be able to minimise the effect of a disruption to your business. 

Your organisation needs to be prepared for the worst, whether that’s floods, fires, cyber-attacks or terrorism.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System is the answer and the team here at Antaris can help you implement it fully. 

ISO 22301 helps you to keep going when disaster strikes and understand and prioritise threats to your organisation. We can specify the steps you need to take to reduce disruption, protect your assets and recover quickly from any incidents.

Our ISO 22301 experts will develop a custom plan for you, covering the key seven P’s needed to keep your business operational:

  1. Providers (internal and external)

  2. Performance (service level agreements you need to meet)

  3. Processes

  4. People

  5. Premises

  6. Profile (your brand)

  7. Preparation

We will help you to work with your key stakeholders (including suppliers) to put in place ‘back to normal’ recovery plans and ensure they are agreed, documented and adhered to.

These plans need to be tested in order to ensure that key roles and responsibilities are clear and any deficiencies are identified and corrected. Where appropriate, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders such as emergency services will need to be included.

The Antaris team can support your continual improvement by helping you learn from internal audits, tests and management reviews. 

Nominating a senior spokesperson, who can communicate your incident plan to your stakeholders is essential and we can help advise you on how best to do this. Reinforcing confidence in your organisation’s ability to recover is half the battle in business continuity.

Antaris is an expert in business continuity and can assist companies in business continuity planning, emergency response and disaster recovery.  All organisations need Business Continuity Plans to address the key risks to the continuity of the business activities and of preparatory actions that can be taken to respond to risks such as adverse weather, pandemics, industrial relations issue, supply chain challenges, global economic, fire, emergency incidents etc.

Antaris develops plans for businesses in accordance with the Business Continuity Management standard ISO 22301:2019 and the most recent business continuity guidance document ISO 22313:2020. The completion of a business impact assessment and business continuity risk assessment is a very detailed quantitative process and an excellent way of quantifying the risk and developing long-term measures to address a broader range of areas such as the supply chain and economic factors. It considers maximum tolerable period of disruption (MTPD) and recovery time objective (RTO). ISO 22301:2019 looks at all business continuity risks.

For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

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