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Environmental, Social & Governance

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Antaris Sustainability Statement

Antaris Consulting is serious about transformative sustainability.

We recognise that our growth and success is dependent on reducing the negative impact we have on Earth and society. We are enthusiastic about sharing our expertise and helping clients effect real measurable change.

Antaris and the Sustainable Development Goals

We have identified the following sustainable development goals as key to our work.

Antaris has committed to net zero by 2050. We have also signed up to science-based targets to ensure we reduce our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 50% by the year 2030 compared to our 2018 baseline. We are also committed to measuring and reducing our scope 2 emissions and we are transparent about our progress reporting
annually on our website.

We educate clients on the best ways to reduce their carbon emissions, how they can integrate climate measures into their planning and improve their adaptive capacity to negative climate effects such as adverse weather effects.

Antaris is working hard to eliminate and reduce the waste we generate. We have implemented our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and we are continuously improving our performance.

We have a much larger impact when we work with our clients and find solutions for them to eliminate and reduce waste and through providing training and technical expertise empower them to find their own solutions.

Antaris works hard to ensure that our clients are provided with the best advice allowing them to accelerate their decarbonisation, improve their environmental management and increase safety.

Our work contributes to UN target 9.2 “Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation…”

Antaris provides employment but more importantly it helps our clients grow by providing advice, expertise and training to allow and help our clients become more resource effective, embrace the circular economy and reduce costs.

We recognise that ever increasing material consumption is incompatible with a finite planet and we work to help our clients decouple resource use from economic growth.

Antaris is committed to initiatives to increase the capacity and employability of all our employees. We will provide all employees at all stages of their work experience with access to skills development, training and opportunities for career advancement, on an equal and non-discriminatory basis.

Antaris Consulting has had its emissions reduction targets from company operations (scopes 1 and 2) approved by the Science Based Targets initiative as being consistent with levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. When Antaris had it’s targets approved by SBTi it was one of only 26 Irish companies approved by the SBTi and one of 7 companies in Ireland with targets aligned with 1.5°C ambition.

At all times Antaris aims to ensure that our employees have the knowledge, skills, resources and authority to implement this policy. In addition, Antaris is committed to contributing 1% of our gross turnover to accredited environmental/sustainability organisations. This is independently verified by 1% for the planet.


Client satisfaction is fundamental to our continued success and is the cornerstone of the services our team offers. Antaris is firmly committed to providing a quality service to our clients. We work diligently to ensure that our services exceed the expectations of our clients. As part of this, we consider our social responsibilities in everything we do.

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