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Consultancy Services from Antaris

Antaris is a leading specialist in management systems consultancy, helping a wide range of private and public sector clients to implement and maintain highly functional management systems in the areas of:

    Health and safety
•    Energy
•    Accessibility
    Other areas, including food safety, corporate social responsibility and information security

We assist our clients to achieve and maintain certification of their management systems to international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001. Clients choose us for our expertise, practical experience and common-sense approach.

The consultancy services we offer include:

•    Management System Implementation
    Gap analysis against standards
•    Drafting relevant documentation
    Auditing, including internal and pre-assessments audits
    Risk Assessments
    Legal Compliance Assessments
    Universal Access Audits and Design Appraisals 

AEO Consulting 

AEO status is a certified standard issued by customs administrators in the EU. It certifies that a business has met certain standards in relation to their security, managment systems, compliance with customs rules and ongoing solvency. Under a World Customs Organisation (WCO) initiative an AEO certification may eventually be recognised worldwide. Antaris can assist clients in achieving AEO status by:

  • Undertaking reviews and risk assessments to determine if you are capable of applying for AEO status. 
  • Undertake a gap analysis of your systems and processes and help to close any gaps found.
  • Help to prepare any necessary documentation including checklists, processes, procedures, records,   and risk assessments to meet AEO Criteria. 
  • Create an internal audit program to review the processes before inspection.
  • Assist you in completing the SAQ and application form. 

Integration of Management Systems

We also provide consultancy services in relation to integration of various management systems. We at Antaris operate an integrated management system ourselves (integrated quality, health and safety and environmental management system) and have extensive experience in integrating various management systems for our clients using integrated management system requirements specification PAS 99.

We can help your organisation to build an integrated management system and benefit from:

•    Increased operational efficiency
•    Improved business performance
•    Reduced business risk
•    Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
    Minimisation of internal documentation and related administration
    Reduced resources to manage the system
    Easier prioritisation of key issues
    Reduced cost and time inputs incurred while handling separate third-party audits

Case Studies

For more information on our consultancy services and examples of practical benefits that our clients gained through working with us, read some case studies in the following areas:

•    Health & safety
•    Quality

Our Clients