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Software Solutions for Management Systems

At Antaris we provide a wide range of software solutions to assist our clients in implementing and maintaining their management systems.

These expert services were traditionally delivered on paper, and the benefits of Antaris software solutions include ease of delivery, use and distribution, transparency of results, consistency in results presentation, and availability of the latest information and knowledge at any time.

Our software solutions include:

    Pegasus Legal Register and Compliance Assessment
•    Audit software
•    Corrective Action and Preventive Action software (CAPA software)
•    Hazard Register
    Register of Aspects

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Pegasus Legal Register     pegasus_logo.png

The Pegasus Legal Register is our highly successful flagship software solution that makes the daunting task of interpreting your legal requirements easy and simple.

It covers legislation across multiple jurisdictions globally. In Europe this includes all impending/proposed EU Directives and Regulations which impact on your operations in the legislative areas of health and safety, environmental, energy, quality, food safety, employment and corporate social responsibility.

The Pegasus Legal Register is the most efficient system for reviewing all legislation and regulations of relevance to your organisation, and it gives you expert support to assist you in building a dynamic legal register for your organisation.

Pegasus helps you to understand, interpret and react to your legal and compliance requirements, and it draws on our wealth of experience of delivering registers of legislation for our clients across a wide range of sectors.  

The system is fully web-enabled to allow for organisation-wide involvement. It is updated on a continuous basis and also includes a compliance assessment module which allows you to assess, monitor and demonstrate your legal compliance in various areas.

Pegasus is the only ISO 9001 certified service of its kind in Ireland.

Audit Software

Antaris Audit Software makes auditing and related reporting easy and efficient. You can use it for different types of audits and assessments in various areas, including health and safety, environmental, quality, energy and accessibility.  

This software application offers the flexibility of completing assessments against any chosen criteria and relevant international standards such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS 8300, any other external guidance, or your organisation’s internal requirements, risk assessments and procedures.

Antaris Audit Software is a combined web-based and mobile based application, which:

•    Minimises the need for paper based support mechanisms, such
     as printed checklists and note-taking tools
•    Ensures a consistent approach among multiple auditors, sites and types of audits;
•    Guides the auditor onsite while providing a helpful memory aid;
    Captures all relevant information onsite and take pictures;
    Store all relevant audit information in a single resource;
    Defines, prioritises and plans necessary changes and improvements
Antaris Audit Software helps you to produce high quality reports in a clear tabular format, while doing most of the formatting and drafting work for you based on the information gathered onsite.

It can also be your first step in managing and monitoring corrective actions / preventive actions, as it directly connects and feeds into Antaris CAPA Software – a perfect solution for managing all of your corrective and preventive actions.

CAPA Software

Antaris CAPA Software makes the process of managing Corrective And Preventive Actions easy and efficient. This web-based application is designed to make it easier to:

    Meet your regulatory obligations for recording and managing incidents and non-conformities
    Define, prioritise and manage resulting actions
•    Store all information relevant to incidents and actions in a single resource
•    Analyse development and changes in performance

Key features include:

    Automated workflow and item tracking
    Unlimited number of users
    Email notification and reminders
    Assigned responsibilities
    Visual data analysis

Antaris CAPA Software can be used in conjunction with Antaris Audit Software and directly populated from its findings.

Hazard Register

Antaris Hazard Register software helps businesses to assess the risks associated with activities across their organisation.

Based on international best practice principles and standards such as OHSAS 18001, BS 18004 and ILO OHS (2001), the Hazard Register gives you a comprehensive methodology for identifying hazards, evaluating risks and reviewing risk assessments in your business.

Register of Aspects

This software solution enables your organisation to assess and compare the environmental impact of its activities. Using a quantitative approach, the Register of Aspects gives a rating to environmental aspects in your business, showing which are the most significant and require management or controls for compliance and reducing environmental impact.

Clients use the Register of Aspects as a tool for carrying out their own assessment - or our experts at Antaris can use it to carry out the assessment on your behalf.

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