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Biodiversity – Natures unprecedented and dangerous decline

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Biodiversity – Natures unprecedented and dangerous decline – a risk that should be managed Did you know that biodiversity is in bad shape both globally and here in Ireland? Did you know it’s a risk for your business and that those interested in prudent planning and sustainability need to get a handle on both how […]

Environment Ireland Online Conference – October 2020

Environment Ireland Conference – 15th – 16th October 2020     Antaris sponsored the Environment Ireland conference 2020, which was this year held online. Bruce Harper, one of our environmental consultants, featured on the online Environment Ireland 2020 conference Thursday, 15 October. His talk was on the Role of Biodiversity in an Environmental Management System […]

Biodiversity Planning

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The role of biodiversity in an Environmental Management System: Managing the environment and improving sustainability isn’t only about controlling negative aspects, such as waste and emissions. The site can contribute positively to the environment by improving it’s sustainability as a habitat, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and promoting the growth of carbon sequestering trees, […]

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