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Archaeological Management Solutions – ISO 9001:2015 Implementation

Antaris Consulting began working with Archaeological Management Solutions in March 2020, with the initial task of implementing ISO9001:2015 in order to meet tender requirements. Additional requirements arose for ISO 14001, and then ISO 45001. AMS decided to change the scope of the project from ISO9001 implementation to the implementation of an integrated management system comprising of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The framework of all of these standards is now based on the annex SL structure which made the change in the scope of the project a simple transition for Antaris Consultant to manage. AMS went on to achieve certification to all three standards in 2021. It is the first archaeological services company in Ireland to achieve certification to all three standards.

Company Introduction

Archaeological Management Services (AMS) has brought together a unique multidisciplinary team of archaeologists, project managers and historians. Founded in 2011 by Ed Danaher, AMS is divided into three service sections: Environmental Impact Assessment, Archaeological Contractor and Project Archaeologist. AMS Irish office is based in Kilrush, Co. Clare and their UK team is based in York.


When Antaris began working with AMS it was found that the company was already working to an extremely high level of quality, environment, and health and safety requirements. The team was extremely knowledgeable and very quickly assumed responsibility for quality, environment and health and safety issues. As the company was quite advanced in the quality of its management systems documentation the big challenge was to instil confidence in the implementation team and ensure it was conversant with the management system terminology and processes required by the three standards.

The Solution

The Antaris consultant worked through AMS processes and procedures to ensure compliance while minimising the changes to its already highly functioning system. Ciara Higgins worked closely with the AMS team to arrange and update their documentation and explain how they were meeting standard requirements. She carried out internal audits and pre-certification audits with AMS and approached these in such a way as to increase awareness and confidence while verifying their system was meeting all standard requirements. Ciara worked closely with the AMS team prior to the certification audit with NSAI to ensure that it had full confidence in the integrity of its management systems. AMS received zero findings in its audit and was commended on the quality of both the development and implementation of all three management systems.

Results & Future Plans

Ciara has continued to work with AMS since they received certification. She has helped them complete tender documentation and will continue to work with them as their management system matures and becomes fully integrated into the AMS business processes.



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