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Antaris, with its certification to ISO 14001 amongst others, can support you in implementing an efficient environmental management system (EMS) and help you to maintain the highest standards of environmental performance across your organisation.

We can assist you with any stage of the implementation process, from project planning right through to certification. We also provide training and education to help businesses in reducing their environmental impact.

What is the key

Implementing an environmental management system is about more than compliance to legal obligations and regulations that run the risk of enforcement action, it’s about doing the right thing. You will not only improve your brand image, you’ll also contribute positive change to the environment.

What is our solution?

With over 30 years implementing environmental management systems, Antaris understands the intricacies of the process in organisations of all sizes. Our multi-disciplinary team has the technical knowledge and expertise to amplify the environmental impact of our clients.

What do you need?

Successfully installing a new environmental management system demands time and expertise. With Antaris as your expert partner, we will be with you on every step of the journey.

What is the result?

Upon completing your journey with Antaris, your organisation will be in a position to enjoy improved regulatory compliance and public perception. This should serve to enhance your business reputation and reduce risk of enforcement.

Our team will have supported you in contributing to positive environmental action to help combat climate change and obtain certification to an internationally recognised and accepted management system standard.

Our Environmental Services

Whatever your role, whatever your objectives, Antaris provides a comprehensive range of environmental services.

  • Implementation of EMAS and ISO 14001 Management Systems
  • Developing of Key Environmental Documentation:
    • Environmental Policies
    • Environmental Aspects & Impacts Registers
    • Environmental Risks & Opportunities Assessments
    • Environmental Procedures & Process Maps
    • Emergency Preparedness & Response Plans/Programmes/Procedures
  • Preparation of Environmental Liability Risk Assessments
  • Preparation of IPC/IE licence applications and Annual Environmental Reports
  • GHG Verification 
  • Preparation of Solvent Management Plans 
  • Audit and Inspection services
  • Provision of Certified Training Related to Environmental Management and ISO 14001

Success Stories from
Our Wonderful Clients

Begin your journey

With Antaris by your side, the path to implementing an environmental management system or improving the environmental performance of your organisation is clearly mapped out. Take your first step and speak to one of our expert consultants today.

Our Other Services

Explore our diverse services; from Occupational Health & Safety to Environmental Management, we offer comprehensive offerings such as sustainable strategies, materiality assessments, and Sustainability Training and Development.




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