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Sustainability and Climate

We are Green Consultants listed in the Enterprise Ireland Directory of Green Service Providers. This means we can provide free or subsidised consultancy under the GreenStart, GreenPlus, Climate Action Voucher and the LEO Green for Micro programmes.
Antaris can help you to develop a sustainability strategy and action plan, implement sustainable practices and measures, train employees on sustainability, and implement monitoring and reporting systems to track progress.

Antaris advocates for setting science-based targets and sharing our knowledge and expertise to help companies make measurable reductions in carbon emissions.

What is the key

Transitioning to become a more sustainability-focused organisation means embedding it in all facets of your business. To truly understand what defines sustainability and the legal obligations it brings requires time, investment, and a trusted partner with the right knowledge and expertise.

What is our solution?

Antaris has over 30 years of experience, across a wide range of sectors and industries, implementing sustainable practices in organisations of all sizes. Our multi-disciplinary team possess the technical knowledge and the expertise to negotiate any obstacles along the way.

What do you need?

Putting in place effective sustainability practices requires a level of knowledge and expertise only a trusted partner like Antaris can provide. We can work alongside you to formulate a strategy that makes implementation seamless.

What is the result?

The sustainable solutions and practices we help organisations to implement are reflective of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and are based on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Sustainability and Climate Services

Antaris provides a range of sustainability and climate services to help businesses implement sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact.

  • Climate Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Carbon Footprint Verification (ISO 14064-1)
  • EU Taxonomy advisory services
  • EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) Services:
    • Assessment of Double Materiality
    • Development of Sustainability Strategies
    • Identification of Risks and Opportunities
    • Assessment of Negative Impacts
    • Monitoring and Tracking Sustainability Performance
    • Assessment of Supply Chains
  • IEMA Certified Sustainability-Related Training 
  • Facilitation and workshop services

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Begin your journey

With Antaris by your side, the path to achieving greater sustainability practices for your organisation is clearly mapped out. Take your first step and speak to one of our expert consultants today.

Our Other Services

Explore our diverse services; from Occupational Health & Safety to Environmental Management, we offer comprehensive offerings such as sustainable strategies, materiality assessments, and Sustainability Training and Development.




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