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Antaris Access Services


– Making Environments Accessible for All


At Antaris we’re passionate about making environments universally accessible. We provide consultancy and training services to help organisations to understand and manage accessibility issues.

We work in partnership with our clients, providing practical advice and guidance on how to follow recognised best practice and improve universal access.

Accessibility is not only about taking care of all your staff and customers - it makes good business sense too:

It shows that you care about your customers’ diverse needs as part of providing a service
It's good for staff retention and increases the pool of potential new workers available to you
An accessible building is a safer building with lower accident rates
Accessibility is increasingly a compliance issue too. (For example, all public buildings,
  including those of private sector organisations, will need to meet accessibility requirements
  by 2015 under the Disability Act 2005 and related legislation).

Our access consultancy services include:

Universal Access Audits
Design Appraisals
Preparation of Disability Access Certificates
Universal Access Training
Audit Software
Specialist Consultancy and advice on particular Universal Access issues such as conservation
  and access to heritage sites, and access to services and information

Universal Access Audits

Over the years (including under our former brand TMS Configure) we have built up an extensive knowledge and experience in access auditing. Our highly skilled auditors have worked with our clients on a wide range of projects, including auditing of commercial and historical buildings, vessels, harbours, train stations, streetscapes and parks.

We have carried out audits against various criteria, including Part M of Building Regulations 2010, NDA’s Building for Everyone and BS 8300:2009, internationally recognised standard and code of practice for accessible design.

Our accessibility audits are the best way to identify barriers that make buildings, streetscapes or any other internal or external environments inaccessible for those with hearing or visual impairments, wheelchair users, parents with buggies, those with restricted mobility - in fact the full range of abilities and disabilities found in any group of building or service users.

Our access audits also provide practical advice and recommended solutions for improvement.

Design Appraisals

Designing a building to universal design standards is far cheaper than having to retroactively alter it after construction has started.

We also assist clients in ensuring that their design and construction projects adhere to universal access best practice. We have worked with our clients’ design teams during all stages of their projects, from initial briefing, planning and design to construction and handover of works.

Disability Access Certificates

Disability Access Certificates were introduced in January 2010 by the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009. DAC is a certificate of compliance issued by local authorities confirming that the design of any new non-domestic building or apartment block complies with Part M of the Building Regulations 2010 before work starts on the project.

We offer a range of services to assist clients in applying for DAC, from advice and assistance on access requirements during the design and planning stages or reviewing project designs to preparing a report demonstrating Part M compliance that must be included in your DAC application.

Audit Software

Antaris has developed an efficient and user-friendly audit software solution that we use in all of our access auditing projects.

Antaris Audit software is a combined web and PDA-based application that helps access auditors to carry out access audits without paper-based checklists or guidance documents, making it easy to produce high-quality reports and store all audit related information in a single resource.

Find out more about our access audit software or contact us for more information.

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