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Energy Consultancy and Training


Antaris is one of the leading energy management system consultancy in Ireland. We help our clients to continually improve their energy performance by increasing energy efficiency and reducing their environmental impacts and energy costs. 

Our energy services for the industrial, commercial and public sectors and private housing include:

•    Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) / Energy Audit Scheme (EAS) Audits 
•    Detailed Energy Audits and Site Surveys
•    Implementation of ISO 50001, Energy Management Standard (EnMS)
•    Audits of Energy Management Systems
•    Guidance on Energy Efficiency Design (EED) Management (I.S. 399 of 2014)
•    Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Building Energy Ratings (BERs)
•    Carbon Footprinting 

Implementation of Energy Management Systems

We help organisations in a wide range of sectors to implement functional energy management systems, and can assist you at any stage of the project, including:

    Preparation of your organisation’s energy policy
    Preparation and / or review of energy aspects and opportunities
•    Preparation of your Register of energy legislation - see our Pegasus Legal Register
•    Planning your energy management system
•    Implementing the energy management system
    Establishing energy objectives and targets 
•    Analysing energy performance, setting baselines and selecting EnPIs
    Training your employees based on your organisation’s specific needs
    Pre-assessment audit to make sure you meet certification standards
    Ongoing assistance to ensure continued compliance and improvement

The Energy Management System is structured in a similar manner to the ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Companies that have already implemented or plan to implement ISO14001 can integrate the requirements of both management systems to facilitate a more efficient implementation process.

Energy Related Training

Antaris offers the only IEMA-approved energy management system training course worldwide. We also offer training courses related to successful implementation and auditing of the energy management standard ISO 50001 or to Building Energy Rating (BER) assessments:

   ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Implementation (2 day)
    IEMA-approved ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Auditor (2 day)
•    Introduction to Energy Management Systems ISO 50001 (1/2 day)
•    BER of New Dwellings FETAC Level 6 (3 ½ day)
    BER of New & Existing Dwellings FETAC Level 6 (6 ½ day)

Read more about our energy training courses.

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