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Environmental Consultancy and Training


At Antaris we assist our clients from various sectors and industries to implement formal environmental management systems (EMS) and successfully manage the environmental aspects of their operations.

Implementation of Environmental Management System

We are registered to ISO 14001, so we understand what is needed to implement an efficient EMS and maintain the highest standard of environmental performance. We can assist you with any stage of the implementation process, from project planning through to system development, documentation drafting, preparation of registers of legislation, implementation, pre-assessment audits, training and certification.

We can also provide ongoing support to assist you in the continued management and improvement of your system for ongoing compliance.

Register of Environmental Aspects

Central to ISO 14001 is the need to identify and prioritise your company’s environmental aspects and associated impacts, such as emissions to air, aqueous discharges, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, energy and water usage, habitats and co-systems, planning and supplier and contractor activities.

We can generate a Register of environmental aspects using a paper-based or software solution.

Other Environmental Services we offer include:

•    Internal Environmental Audits
•    Gap Analysis against the requirements of ISO 14001
•    IPPC Licence Applications
    Annual Environmental Reports (AERs)
    Environmental Liability Risk Assessments
    Environmental and Occupational Noise Monitoring
•    GHG Verification

Environmental Software

Antaris has developed a series of environmental management software solutions that will help you to manage your environmental performance in an easier and more efficient way.

These include Pegasus Legal Register, Audit software, Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) software and Register of Aspects.

Read more about our environmental software solutions.

Environmental Training

We also design and develop a wide range of environmental training courses including:

    IEMA-approved Lead Environmental Auditor Course
    IEMA-approved Internal EMS Auditing
    Hazardous Chemical and Spillage Control
    Environmental Legislation
    Waste Management and Minimisation

Find out more about our environmental training programme.

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