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  • Tap into our wide-ranging experience

    Our work with a broad variety of management systems means that you get to draw on expertise and know-how built up over many years

  • We share your practical approach to business

    In helping you meet the demands of your working environment, we aim to be effective, no-nonsense and flexible

  • Add real value to your operations

    We'll work closely with you and your teams to increase efficiency, build value and manage risk

  • Our clients demand the best from us

    When you need timely, accurate and relevant direction on business operations, we're there to help

  • Rest assured you're in good hands

    Our clients rely on us to help them meet and exceed the high standards they set for their performance

Get the Benefits of Quality Management

A quality system is not just a badge - it's about bringing real and ongoing benefits to your organisation.

At Antaris we help our clients to implement quality management systems that not only meet their needs and certification requirements but also bring significant business benefits. These include:

    Increased client confidence and satisfaction
•    Improved efficiency and increased productivity
    Reduced costs due to reduced errors and rework
    Positive impact on company profile and reputation
    Improved staff motivation

We're Here to Guide You

At Antaris we understand the difficulties and benefits of implementing a quality management system.

Our company is registered to ISO 9001, and our high calibre personnel have assisted a wide range of Irish and multinational companies to establish effective quality management systems and achieve certification to standards such as ISO 9001.

At Antaris we have a 100% success rate with our clients who have applied for certification of their quality management systems to ISO 9001.

What we Deliver

We steer you through the entire process, and our quality management services include:

•    Design and implementation of formal quality management system
    Gap analysis of quality management systems to the international standards requirements
•    Setting quality objectives and targets
•    Process mapping
•    Pre-assessment and internal audits
•    Customer satisfaction measurement

We provide professional and expert quality management consultancy to businesses across all sectors, and can tailor these services to suit your particular needs. We also provide consultancy on quality systems for specific sectors, including:

•    ISO/TS16949, Quality System requirements for the automobile industry
•    ISO 13485, Medical Devices QMS
•    ISO 17025, Laboratory QMS
•    ISO/AS/EN 9100, Aerospace QMS

Quality Training

Besides assisting organisations in meeting their quality management requirements we also provide quality training, including:

•    IRCA-certified Quality Management Lead Auditor (5 days)
•    IRCA-certified Internal Quality Auditor (2 days)
•    Various ISO 9001-related training courses
•    Documenting Management Systems (1 day)
•    Developing a Process-Based Management System (1 day)

Learn more about our quality Training Services

Our Clients

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