Climate ChangeEnvironment

PAS 2060:2014 Specification for the Demonstration of Carbon Neutrality

Climate change and the emission of greenhouse gases are one of the most critical issues facing society.  Strategies and actions …

Climate ChangeGreenhouse Gas Emissions

All You Need to Know About PAS 2050:2011

Climate change is significantly impacting society and will continue to do so owing to greenhouse gases emitted, since the start …

ISO 45003Occupational Health & Safety

ISO 45003 – Risk Assessment for Psychological Hazards in the Workplace

What needs to be included in a risk assessment for psychological hazards in the workplace? The guidelines in the new …

Cold Water SwimmingHealthy Swimming

Healthy Cold Water Swimming & Dipping

Healthy Wild Swimming Winter swimming is coming to an end for this season, although the unhabituated would probably still wince …

Process Approach
Process ApproachQuality Management System

Applying the Process Approach to a Quality Management System

Many people when they encounter the term process approach struggle to grasp an understanding of the term, and without this, …

EnvironmentNet Zero

The Road to Net Zero

SMEs need to realise that business as usual is obsolete Ireland has agreed to a massive, transformative step change to …