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Health & SafetyISO 45001

Powers of HSA Inspectors!

In this blog, I will discuss in some detail the Powers of Health and Safety Authority (HSA) Inspectors as well …

Lean and SustainabilityLean Driven Sustainability

Lean Driven Sustainability

How can lean improvements enable an organisation to achieve its sustainability objectives? Global issues, such as the increased level of …

Circular Economysustainability

Operationalising Sustainability

If your sustainability strategy does not make it to the operational phase – you are open to charges of greenwashing. …

Climate Actionsustainability

A Sustainability Strategy for your Organisation

“If humanity changed the climate by mistake…we can change it with intent” – So declared Interface in 2016 – a …

EnvironmentLean & Green

Be Lean & Go Green

Antaris can assist your company to become leaner and greener.  A win-win situation – with economic and environmental benefits. In …

Information Security6ISO 27002

ISO/IEC 27002:2022 Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection — Information Security Controls

A new version of ISO 27002 was published at the beginning of March 2022. ISO 27002:2022 is an international standard …