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Data Protection Day 2016

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the signing of the Council of Europe’s Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals. The convention referred to the automatic processing of personal data, which has been the cornerstone of data protection in Europe and beyond for the last 30 years.

Data Protection Day is celebrated globally on the 28th January each year.

The aim of Data Protection Day is to make people aware of what personal data is being collected and processed and what our rights are in this regard.

In Ireland, the following activities have been organised to raise awareness with the general public:

  1. The Minister of State, Mr. Dara Murphy who has responsibility for Data Protection will:
  • Address at Irish Computer Society’s/Association of Data Protection Officers Annual Conference.
  • Launch of a report into the data privacy implications of the development of Smart Cities which was commissioned by the Government Data Forum, of which the Minister is Chair.
  1. The Data Protection Commissioner will undertake the following activities to raise awareness of data protection issues:
  • Address the 8th Annual Data Protection Conference of the Irish Computer Society’s/Association of Data Protection Officers.
  • Address the Matherson Global Data Protection Day Conference. This conference is directed specifically at the legal profession, data protection compliance officers and business leaders including IT Directors and Chief Information Officers.



Council of Europe

Council of Europe: Data Protection Day

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