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Nebosh International Certificate in Fire Safety & Risk Management

 4.1 Unit IFC1: International Fire Safety and Risk Management

Element 1: Managing Fire Safety

(UK References)

Fire Safety Guidance Booklet 'Are you aware of your responsibilities?' - Scottish Executive (Safer Scotland) downloadable publication

The Scottish Government's Sector Specific Guidance

UK Department for Communities and Local Government practical fire safety guidance 

(EU/International References)


Element 2: Principles of fire and expolsion

(UK References)

Energetic and spontaneously combustible substances - identification and safe handling,HSG131, first edition 1995, HSE Books, ISBN: 978-0-7176-0893-5

Safe Handling of Combustible Dusts – precautions against explosions, HSG103, second edition 2003, HSE Books, ISBN: 978-0-7176-2726-4

Safe use and handling of flammable liquids, HSG140, HSE Books, ISBN: 978-0-7176-0967-3

Safe working with flammable substances, INDG227, HSE free publication

Storage of Full and Empty LPG Cylinders and Cartridges (March 2004) UKLPG – Code of Practice 7

(EU/International References)

ATEX Guidelines: 3rd Edition, June 2009 (updated May 2011)


Element 3: Cause and Prevention of fire and explosion

(UK References)

Risk Control, Arson Prevention, The protection of premises from deliberate fire raising

Fire safety in Construction, HSG168, HSE Guidance, ISBN: 978-0-7176-6345-3

Safe use and handing of flammable liquids, HSG140, HSE Books, ISBN: 978-0-7176-0967-3

Safe Working with flammable Substances, INDG227, HSE free publication – general series

The storage of flammable liquids in containers, HSG51, second edition 1998, HSE Books, ISBN: 978-0-7176-1471-4

The storage of flammable liquids in tanks, HSG176, first edition 1998, HSE Books, ISBN: 978-0-7176-1470-7

(EU/International References)

ATEX Guidelines: 3rd Edition, June 2009 (updated May 2011 ) 

European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP Regulation), adopting in the EU the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) 

Fire Protection on chemical manufacturing sites, CFPA-E Guideline No 18:2008

National Electrical Code, NFPA 70:2014

Safety in the Use of Chemicals at Work, International Labour Office (ILO) Code of Practice (CoP), ILO, 1993. ISBN: 92-2-108006-4 Section 6: Operational Control measures and Section 7: Design and Installation

Seveso III Directive 2012/18/EU

Utility LP Gas Plant Code, NFPA 59:2012

Element 4: Fire protection in buildings

(UK References)

2011 Technical Handbooks – Non Domestic Section 2 Fire, The building (Scotland) Regulations 2004

DFP Technical Booklet E – Fire Safety, The building (Amendment No 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 

The building Regulations 2010, Approved Document B - Fire Safety, Volume 2, Buildings other than dwelling houses

The building Regulations 2010, Approved M 2004- Access to and use of buildings

(EU/International References)

Directive 89/391/EEC - OSH Framework Directive

Directive 89/654/EEC - Workplace requirements

Emergency Plan (section 3.3) – CFPA-Europe Guideline No 25:2010 F

Fire Protection documentation – CFPA-Europe Guideline No 13:2006

Securing the operational readiness of fire control systems – CFPA-Europe Guideline No 23:2010 F


Element 5: Safety of people in the event of a fire


Emergency Plan, CFPA-Europe Guideline No 25:2010 F

Fire Protection documentation, CFPA-Europe Guideline No 13:2006

Fire Protection in offices, CFPA-Europe Guideline No 16:2008

Element 6: Fire Safety Risk Assessment

(UK References)

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – Schedule 1,Parts 1 and 4

Communities and Local Government Fire Risk Assessment Series

(EU/International References)

Emergency plan – CFPA-Europe Guidelines No 25:2010F

Fire Safety in care homes for the elderly – CFPA-Europe Guideline No 6:2011F

Introduce to qualitative fire risk assessment – CFPA-Europe Guideline No 4:2010f


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