What is greenblushing?

What is Greenblushing?

Greenblushing is when a business or organisation opts not to communicate its positive sustainability practices out of fear of falling short or being scrutinised. 

Most businesses today are working towards bettering their impact when it comes to sustainability. Although it can be a vast and overwhelming territory, the majority want to do the right thing. 

Despite having good intentions and taking positive actions, some business leaders are reluctant to share details of the positive steps they are taking for fear of being scrutinised or targeted. 

However, staying quiet is not strategic and also not smart. Consumers, stakeholders and talent want (and in most cases, expect) to hear from businesses big and small. Businesses that are not contributing to the conversation will be left behind. 

We need leaders to share their sustainability stories. In order to do this authentically, they must talk about their challenges too. Nobody and no business is perfect. Only by talking about our challenges can others learn and be inspired. Through that ripple effect, we can enact long-term meaningful change. 

Your customers and stakeholders deserve to know where you are and where you are headed. So, if you are hesitant follow these tips: 

    1. Start small – share something, anything! Even if it is something as simple as a social media post. Once you have begun, you will have something to build on.
    2. Show me don’t tell me – if you are hesitant to say too much about your sustainable commitments, consider sharing key metrics or milestones that you have achieved and allow the data to tell your story.
    3. Set a target – Think about what you want to share and then decide how often you will share it e.g quarterly or annually. Committing to a certain cadence of communication will keep you accountable and allow you to take your audience on the journey with you.
    4. Seek support – If you are unsure of where to begin, our sustainability consultants are ready for a no obligation chat with you. 

If you would like to talk about what your business can improve its sustainability performance, please contact Antaris now by calling (061) 953100 or emailing info@antarisconsulting.com

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