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Operationalising Sustainability

If your sustainability strategy does not make it to the operational phase – you are open to charges of greenwashing. All rhetoric and no delivery! Opertationalising sustainability is about putting sustainability into action. This has to be a collaborative and consultative endeavour with the people who will be doing the implementation. It includes detailed planning, […]

Increased Funding Expected for Circular Economy Initiatives in 2022

A successor to the 2021 Circular Economy Innovations Grants Scheme (CEIGS) is expected to be announced in April 2022 with significantly increased funding to be available. The purpose of the CEIGS is to provide support to projects which work in the Circular Economy space with the aim of both advancing the Circular Economy in Ireland […]

Antaris Sponsors Environment Ireland Event

Antaris Consulting participated in and sponsored one of Ireland’s major environment conference – Environment Ireland, on 18th and 19th January 2022. It was a very informative two day conference with over 40 expert speakers and over 200 delegates. The Environment Protection Agency; European Commission; Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs; Trinity College Dublin; Friends […]

Circular Economy Leaders Programme

Antaris are delighted to announce that we will be developing and delivering a new Circular Economy Leaders programme.  The new Circular Economy Leaders programme will focus on addressing the needs of medium-sized firms to develop an overall action plan for the management of Circular Economy related issues within their company. This programme is being run […]

New Targets for the EU’s Circular Economy Package

The European Commission has adopted an ambitious Circular Economy Package which includes revised legislative proposals on waste to stimulate Europe’s transition towards a circular economy. The circular economy is a generic term for an industry economy that is producing no waste and pollution in which material flows are of two types, biological nutrients designed to […]

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