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ISO 45001 Moves in the Right Direction Towards Publication


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As organisations are responsible for minimising the risk of harm to both its employees and people affected by their activities, they are under unsurmountable pressure to ensure they manage their occupational health and safety risks.

ISO 45001 an occupational health and safety management system standard, which enables organisations to manage their occupational health and safety risks and improve their safety performance. The standard does not state the specific criteria for health and safety performance but it is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure that it minimises the risk of harm to the people that may be affected by its activities.

The standard is currently being developed by Project Committee ISO/PC 283 in conjunction with international organisations, such as the International Labour Organisation, and with input from professionals from over 50 countries. The second committee stage draft has been successfully approved to move to the next phase of the DIS stage, which we can anticipate to see during Q4 of 2015.

Over the next 18 months, the committee will convene several times to develop the standard further and to ensure agreement between all stakeholders. The final standard is headed for publication towards the end of 2016.

ISO 45001 will enable organisations to improve its occupational health and safety performance by:

  • Developing and implementing an occupational health and safety policy and objectives.
  • Establishing systematic processes which consider its ‘context’ and which take into account its risks and opportunities and its legal and other requirements.
  • Determining the hazards and Occupational Health & Safety risks associated with its activities; seeking to eliminate them, or putting in controls to minimise their potential effects.
  • Establishing operational controls to manage its Occupational Health & Safety risks and its legal and other requirements.
  • Increasing awareness of its Occupational Health & Safety risks.
  • Evaluating its Occupational Health & Safety performance and seeking to improve it, through taking appropriate actions.
  • Ensuring workers take an active role in Occupational Health & Safety matters.

ISO 45001 adheres to high level Annex SL structure being applied to other ISO Standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Consequently, the requirements are consistent across all standards adopting the Annex SL structure, which will allow for the alignment and integration of ISO 45001 with other ISO standards.

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