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ISO 14001:2015 has Finally been Published!

The much anticipated changes to ISO 14001 have arrived with the publication of ISO 14001:2015 on the 15th of September 2015. The standard has been revised to ensure it continues to meet the expectations of organisations and maintains relevance in today’s market in order to keep pace with changes in technology.  “The new standard significantly […]

Update to ISO 14001 Revision

On Friday 24th April 2015, the ISO Technical Committee, ISO/TC 207/WG5 concluded their meeting in Chiswick, UK. They made significant progress and during their last meeting and now the draft standard is currently nearing the end of the Enquiry Stage. During their last meeting the committee reviewed and completed the remaining comments which were received […]

ISO 14001 Continual Improvement Survey 2013

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) committee responsible for ISO/TC 207/SC1 carried out a survey of the environmental management system standard ISO 14001 in 2013. This survey sought to gain information from users in relation to the standards current benefits and what could be improved, as the standard is currently being revised. It received over 5,000 responses and the […]

Revised ISO 14001 Standard Moves Forward

A second committee draft (CD2) of the revised environmental management systems standard was published in October 2013 and ISO countries had until 23 January 2014 to vote on whether CD2 should become a draft international standard. CD2 has received overwhelming support from ISO members, ensuring the draft international environmental management system standard will progress to […]

Achieving Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance

To achieve multi-jurisdictional compliance under standards including ISO 14001 and 50001 and OHSAS 18001, understanding and applying the law of each jurisdiction in which your organisation operates is a necessity. To this end, there are two key challenges for an organisation operating at multiple sites and/or in multiple jurisdictions: Understanding the legislation, regulations and directives […]

Proposed Changes to ISO 14001

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) voted in early November 2011 to revise ISO 14001. The revised standard, which is expected to be published in 2015, will operate into the mid-2020s and must therefore provide organisations with a basis for managing future environmental challenges and opportunities. IEMA, working in close association with other organisations such […]

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