Revised ISO 14001 Standard Moves Forward

A second committee draft (CD2) of the revised environmental management systems standard was published in October 2013 and ISO countries had until 23 January 2014 to vote on whether CD2 should become a draft international standard. CD2 has received overwhelming support from ISO members, ensuring the draft international environmental management system standard will progress to […]

Global Growth in the Uptake of ISO Standards – ISO 50001

Global Growth in the Uptake of ISO Standards: ISO 50001 This post investigates the global growth in the uptake of ISO’s seven most popular standards over the 2012 and 2013. Figures released from the ISO show a large increase in the number of certificates issued in 2012, compared with those issued in 2011. In 2012, […]

Is There Real Value in ISO Standards?

From any multi-national company’s perspective, ISO standards offer a number of benefits, including: Breaking down international borders: through the widespread adoption of standards, products and services are developed according to internationally accepted specifications Improving efficiency Sharing and proliferation of innovation and technological advances Creating a baseline for health and safety and environmental impact While not […]